Programming/ Space Utilization

The experienced staff can perform a battery of interviews with the clients to develop a program. A program consists of documenting all spatial requirements of a client and assigning square footages to each space. This includes determining the total number of staff, requirements for a reception area, a breakroom, restrooms, conference rooms, enclosed offices, open offices, storage spaces, etc. This exercise can help determine the total square feet each client requires both currently and for future growth.

Schematic Design/ Space Planning

Once all of the spatial requirements are organized, arcINTERIORS begins the process of space planning. This involves block diagraming or bubble diagramming exercises with the client to determine adjacencies and additional requirements. The building is studied to determine existing conditions which will affect the space plan such as plumbing lines, structural elements, paths of egress, etc. 

Interior Design

The interior design of any space should be functional, aesthetically pleasing, cohesive, deliberate, and, most importantly, it should represent the character and style of the client. arcINTERIORS has an in-house library of architectural products, lighting, furniture and finishes from which all aspects of the interior design can materialize. Their designers are knowledgeable in various product specifications, their traits and their pricing to assist their clients select products that meet their aesthetic goals and their project budgets.

3D Rendering/ Presentation Scenes

Computer 3D renderings of interior or exterior designs ensure that the clients are able to visualize the design intent. Their renderings provide limitless amounts of photo-realistic views of the spaces showing every detail. These allow for in-depth discussions about every aspect of their spaces. The client can also see all of the interior design specifications and make necessary adjustments before the construction begins.  3D rendered views are also a useful tool for determining vantage points for security purposes.

Construction Documents

arcINTERIORS has the expertise to produce all of the architectural CAD drawings necessary to obtain a building permit from the local jurisdiction and for the project to be built by the contractor.

Detailed Design

Their staff of licensed architects and certified interior designers detail all aspects of the project to clearly communicate the design to their clients, the permitting agencies, and the contractors. They will work closely with the clients to ensure that furniture, fixtures and equipment are integrated into the design.

Construction Administration

arcINTERIORS offers assistance in ensuring that projects are built according to the client’s vision. From the initial kick-off meeting onsite, through the final Punch List walk-through, arcINTERIORS will make sure your design intent is realized by working closely with the general contractor and their subcontractors.